25th Anniversary Planned Projects & Events

We are planning to deliver a range of events and initiatives throughout 2022 under the theme of "A Celebration of our Third Age" with funding from sponsors and or from own funds.


April 2022

Barbecue in the New Garden

Contractors will be starting soon on upgrading our outdoor space with completion in April 2022. It is suggested that we have a barbecue upon completion.

May 2022

Dancing Around the May Pole

An intergenerational activity/event that involves 12 children and 12 third agers dancing around a Maypole. To be overseen by our country dance teacher – Mary Panton. 12-foot pole so venue outdoors or in a school playground.

Dancing Around the May Pole

June 2022

Age on Stage

A collaborative initiative with the Charles Dickens Museum that involves our third age drama group in resurrecting The Pickwick Club that had caught the imagination of Victorian England. However, there will be a twist as the characters compare issues from Dickensian society with those of the modern world. Involves recording a film that will form part of a new exhibition at the Charles Dickens Museum in London. Dependent upon an Arts Council grant as part of a celebration of the Queen’s 70 years on the throne.

Age on Stage

July 2022

Tunes on TAP Ukulele Band Concert

An opportunity for the much expanded musical groups to show their musical talents and learning with volunteer teacher – Geoff Stilwell.

August 2022

Third Age Sports Day

Outdoors in the adjacent Cumberland Market public park with such events as slowest walker with a Zimmer frame, egg and spoon and much more! With chocolate Gold Medallions for the all those participating!

Sept 2022

Open House Weekend

Open House Weekend with the Centre open to the public and an opportunity to display crafts, paintings, photographs show videos and pop up events over the weekend. Show off third age talents!

Open House Weekend

Oct 2022

National Grandparents Day

National Grandparents Day during half term so that grandchildren can take part with lots of intergenerational activities. Local children can also adopt a grandparent for the day! International Older People’s Day

Nov 2022

TAP Annual General Meeting and Annual Review

TAP Annual General Meeting and Annual Review Open up this event to TAP’s membership to attend? Entertainment, food and drink.

Dec 2022

TAP Christmas Pantomime

TAP Christmas Pantomime at the new diorama theatre. Unmissable!

The Atrium Project - Creativity in the Third Age

Our Mary Ward Centre Crafts students had been making colourful and extraordinary three dimensional mobiles of birds and forest scenes when the class had to close due to the pandemic. As one of our anniversary initiatives we will employ Zoe Hewett-Dutton directly for 10 weeks to extend and finish this project that would be displayed in our large brightly lit atrium. We need to think about how it can be displayed and lit as part of this project.

Older Voices Global Stories

Older Voices Global Stories

Camden ACL has agreed to provide Zoe Lee to help spearhead this new initiative It will also provide a continuum for our previous digital inclusion project – get online and will make use of a range of different digital media and platforms. Users will Learn new computer skills in fun and practical ways using digital tablets. To produce photographic, voice and video recordings of rich life stories of our users originate from four corners of the world. celebrating our third age using a variety of digital presentations.

Community Portraiture - Art and Drawing

The Art class with teacher- Joanna Spilman- have already started to amass some portraits of TAP people as part of a community portraiture project that has already created a unique series of character portraits.

Community Portraiture - Art and Drawing
Life Journeys Through Dance

Life Journeys Through Dance

Our dance classes especially our Bollywood Dance group would like to perform Life Journeys through dance with choreographer and TAP dance teacher – Georgia Cornwell.

Several Intergenerational Projects

We are working with The Royal Parks team and local Primary Schools in sharing and exchanging memories of play in childhood from across the world and the generations.

We are working with an international puppet and storytelling charity – Cut Moose- in a range of exciting across the generations initiatives That will involve both the Old and Young in Age Exchanges drawing upon their own skills, knowledge, interests learnt through taking part in the activities at the Third Age Project such as art, crafts, drama, dance to produce a permanent record for future generations!

Several Intergenerational Projects